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dc.contributor.authorGray, Cameron C.-
dc.contributor.authorRoberts, Jonathan C.-
dc.contributor.authorRitsos, Panagiotis D.-
dc.description.abstractNetwork administrators often wish to ascertain where network attackers are located; therefore it would be useful to display the network map from the context of either the attacker’s potential location or the attacked host. As part of a bigger project we are investigating how to best visualize contextual network data. We use a dataset of station adjacencies with journey times as edge weights, to explore which visualization design is most suitable, and also ascertain the best network shortest-path metric. This short paper presents our initial findings, and a visualization for Contextual Navigation using circular, centered-phylogram projections of the network. Our visualizations are interactive allowing users to explore different scenarios and observe relative distances in the data.en_GB
dc.subjectContextual Navigationen_GB
dc.titleWhere Can I Go From Here? Drawing Contextual Navigation Maps of the London Undergrounden_GB
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