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Title: Academic Project Monitoring Using a Web-based System
Authors: Gray, Cameron C.
Perkins, Dave
Kuncheva, Ludmilla I.
Keywords: Student Progress
Student Support
Issue Date: 19-Jun-2016
Abstract: Undergraduate and postgraduate students take part in project work designed with broad scopes. These projects encourage the student to showcase their abilities along with time and project management skills. Timescales for these types of projects are necessarily longer, meaning that keen supervision can be required to ensure efforts are appropriately applied. We present a web- based pedagogical tool and workflow to support effective monitoring of these students within the UK and Western European Higher Education systems. This workflow includes an oversight capability to handle the objections and unavoidable subjectivity that can arise. Ultimately, the process and tool are designed to aid in allowing the students to achieve their potential, improving success rates when measured against the learning outcomes. The authors believe that the tool and workflow are abstracted enough to be used in any project-based review process.
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