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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-10-20Randomised Multiconnected Environment GeneratorHeadleand, Christopher J.; Henshall, Gareth; Ap Cenydd, Llyr; Teahan, William J.
2015-03-23Does Encryption Actually Engender Trust?Gray, Cameron C.; Mansoor, Sa'ad P.
2015-05-29London Underground Station AdjacenciesGray, Cameron C.
2015-06-10Finding the Invisible: A Comparison of IRR Data and Routing PathwaysGray, Cameron C.; Mansoor, Sa'ad P.
2015-06-25Where Can I Go From Here? Drawing Contextual Navigation Maps of the London UndergroundGray, Cameron C.; Roberts, Jonathan C.; Ritsos, Panagiotis D.
2015-10-25Contextual Network Navigation; Situational Awareness for Network AdministratorsGray, Cameron C.; Ritsos, Panagiotis D.; Roberts, Jonathan C.
2016-06-19Academic Project Monitoring Using a Web-based SystemGray, Cameron C.; Perkins, Dave; Kuncheva, Ludmilla I.
2017-08-25Understanding our Analytics: A Visualization SurveyGray, Cameron C.; Teahan, William J.; Perkins, Dave
2018-05-09Don’t Disturb the Student - Investigating Pattern Disturbances with Student AttendanceGray, Cameron C.; Perkins, Dave
2018-07-02Visualising the University Degree JourneyGray, Cameron C.; Perkins, Dave
2018-07-04Data exploration in evolutionary reconstruction of PET imagesGray, Cameron C.; Al-Maliki, Shatha F.; Vidal, Franck P.
2018-07-05Producing Correct Citations in IEEE Style using Biber and BibLaTeXGray, Cameron C.
2018-09-13Visualising the University Degree JourneyGray, Cameron C.; Perkins, Dave
2018-12-17Utilizing Early Engagement and Machine Learning to Predict Student OutcomesGray, Cameron C.; Perkins, Dave
2019-11-25Degree Pictures: Visualizing the University Student JourneyGray, Cameron C; Perkins, Dave; Ritsos, Panagiotis D.
2020-05JISC/Bangor University Learning Analytics Project Summary & Case StudyPerkins, Dave; Gray, Cameron C.; Ritsos, Panagiotis D.; Kuncheva, Ludmila I.
2020-05-20Learning Analytics Project Summary & Case StudyGray, Cameron C.; Perkins, Dave; Ritsos, Panagiotis D.; Kuncheva, Ludmila I.